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Nick Kirrane, Admissions Counselor
  • Territory: Adams County, Denver County, Arrupe High School, Bishop Machebeuf High School
More about me:

  • Hometown: Aurora, CO
  • College Major: History
  • "Everything Matters" means?
    • Take your education to the next level by challenging yourself academically, socially, and spiritually.
  • What is your Favorite Colorado spot?
    • Down the first base line at Coors Field on a Friday night, with the Rockies playing below me and the Colorado mountain sunset in front of me.
  • What do you like most about Regis University?
    • The mentality of never looking down on any man, unless you are helping him up.
Kristen Brodie, Assistant Director
  • Territory: Jefferson County, St. Mary’s Academy, Regis Jesuit High School
More about me:

  • Hometown: Des Moines, IA
  • College Major: Communication Studies
  • "Everything Matters" means?
    • Education is more than a classroom experience. You learn to look for experiences that really matter in the residence halls, clubs, organizations, you seek more from everything.
  • Favorite spot to be on Campus?
    • The quad. Seeing students toss around the Frisbee or talking with friends on the quad. Remember over 300 days of sunshine a year in Denver. Great opportunities to enjoy the outdoors!
  • Fun fact about me?
    • I have a Weimaraner dog named Heidi.
Brooke Geraghty, Assistant Director
  • Territory: Arapahoe County, Mullen High School, Holy Family High School
More about me:

  • Hometown: Cissna Park, IL / Arvada, CO
  • College Major: Communication
  • "Everything Matters" means?
    • Take the time to explore all the opportunities at Regis, big and small.  Each experience will matter in your development as a person, leader, and community member.
  • What is your Favorite Colorado spot?
    • Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park.
  • Fun fact about me?
    • I am a huge Chicago sports fan—go Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks and White Sox!
Ashley Warholic, Admissions Counselor
  • Territory: Southeastern, CO
More about me:

  • Hometown: Mansfield/Cleveland, Ohio
  • College Major: Public Relations
  • "Everything Matters" means?
    • Your college experience isn't just about education in the classroom - it's about learning from other people, other environments and other events too.
  • "Seek More" means?
    • Regis requires students to achieve more than the status quo. We push students to think critically and analytically, question everything, and develop bold ideas. Regis students are rarely satisfied which leads them to become the best problem solvers, risk takers, and influential leaders. Always seeking more.
  • Favorite spot to be on campus?
    • The deck of Main Hall overlooking the mountains and chapel - you can't get any more "Regis" than that location.
  • Favorite Colorado spot?
    • Beaver Creek Resort, specifically Spring Tooth trail, where I had my first powder run EVER. Nothing ever beats your first powder run.
  • Fun fact about me?
    • June 24th is Ashley Lauren Warholic Day in the city of Ontario, Ohio (I earned it for community service)! Feel free to send me flowers!
Cari Russie, Assistant Director
  • Territory: Northeastern, CO
More about me:

  • Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA
  • College Major: B.S. Apparel Merchandising & Design, M.A. Nonprofit Management
  • "Everything Matters" means?
    • Be curious. Ask questions. Get out of your comfort zone. Make a positive impact.
  • Favorite spot to be on campus?
    • The Grotto.
  • Favorite Colorado spot?
    • Any of Colorado’s 7,000+ open spaces. An open space is a hiking/nature area that is free and open to the public year-round. You’ll often see deer or possibly even elk on an afternoon hike!
  • Fun fact about me:
    • I love traveling abroad. I've been to the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Italy, Mexico, Panama, and Spain. Next up: Vietnam or Nepal
Anthony Jimenez, Admissions Counselor
  • @RegisU_Anthony
  • Territory: Western, CO
More about me:

  • Hometown: Porterville, CA / Colorado Springs, CO
  • College Major: English Literature
  • "Everything Matters" means?
    • Dig deeper, question harder and discover what truly matters to you and to your community.
  • Favorite Colorado spot?
    • Any river!
  • Jesuit Education means?
    • Contemplatives in action. I enjoy philosophical discussions but, I understand, or I hope to understand, that action is needed in order to witness philosophy in motion.
Jessica Curry, Admissions Counselor
  • Territory: Transfers
More about me:

  • Hometown: Williamsville, NY
  • College Major: Communications
  • "Everything Matters" means?
    • Everything in the classroom will make in impact outside of the classroom. Make sure your impact is a positive one in both locations.
  • "Seek More" means?
    • Never stop learning, never stop questioning, never stop trying to make yourself and others around you better.
  • Favorite spot on campus?
    • One of the Starbuck's locations!