Regis student riding in bicycle carriage in India 

Erin Navaro’s study abroad experience in India changed the way she sees the world and herself

Intuition. It’s the inner voice that guides us, the gut feeling that pushes us in one direction or another. For Erin Navaro, that gut feeling led her all the way to India.

India isn’t exactly a common place to study abroad. But Erin was intrigued by its immensity, the vastness of its land and the diversity of its people. Still, when she committed to studying at the University of Hyderabad in south central India, she had no real idea what to expect.

“I remember stepping out of the airport and hearing horns honking. I smelled something burning, not exactly bad, just Regis student with mountain landscape of India in the backgrounddifferent, and I thought, ‘I am definitely not home anymore.’”

Over the course of the spring 2012 semester, Hyderabad became her home. She studied the Indian diaspora, modern Indian thought and nongovernmental organizations – classes that fit well with her English and peace and justice studies majors. As an added bonus, she took a yoga theory and practice course while also finding time to travel throughout India. These experiences transformed her.

“I look at people differently now. Living with Indians and citizens from all over the world, I came to better appreciate people for who they are and what they have to offer. I had to make an effort to really get to know people and I try to bring that experience into my life every day.”

Back at Regis and almost a year later, Erin is gearing up for graduation and life after college. Inspired by her time abroad, she has decided to spend at least one year involved in international service work using her talents to help impact the world. She is not sure exactly what the future holds, but remains open to anything, confident that her intuition will guide her to wonderful places.   

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