Live. Learn. Build Community.

students making food in a dorm kitchen 

Living Learning Communities (LLC) offer Regis University students the opportunity to live and learn together while catering to their passions, interests and academics.

At Regis University, the Department of Residence Life is committed to providing students with quality services, a safe community environment conducive to learning and spiritual growth which supports the Jesuit tradition of "Cura Personalis", care for the whole person. In conjunction with our mission, we have several Living Learning Communities available for our students that live on campus. Students who are a part of these communities can expect to live around those who are dedicated to their passion, interest, or academic discipline while receiving the support of a trained staff.

Residence Life provides seven different Living Learning Communities to choose from. For first-year students, we offer four communities: Magis Experience, Colorado Outdoor Recreation Experience (C.O.R.E.), Pre-Business and Pre-Science. Upperclass students (sophomores, juniors, seniors) may choose from the Ignatian Leadership, Healthcare Professions, and Arts & Popular Culture communities.

The Department of Residence Life is committed to providing a comprehensive, supportive, and educational environment where care for the whole person is provided. These communities are designed to engage students in active learning, while building inclusive communities. While each individual Living Learning Community is unique, all LLCs  aim to provide a spirited community with purpose where students can build relationships with faculty and staff, connect with their peers in new ways and learn more about themselves.

Connecting LLCs to the Regis Mission

In response to the question of “How ought we to live?” the Department of Residence Life, Housing, and Event Services brought Living Learning Communities to our residence halls so that we can give our students the chance to get connected in Regis and in the greater community in innovative ways. Through the design of the LLCs, both men and women will take an active role in their communities to make it their own. By taking on leadership roles, they will make a positive impact on their community in which they live.

  • Provide students with an opportunity to connect and share their interests, passions or academic discipline with others.
  • Provide students with a unique social experience where they can build relationships with faculty and staff across the University.
  • Provide students with an intentional space to learn more about the interest, passion or academic discipline.
  • Provide students with opportunities to get involved with the Regis community and beyond.

First-Year Living Learning Communities

Upper Class Living Learning Communities

LLC Application

Health Professions

This LLC is a multidisciplinary community focused on the health profession. It is for anyone who is majoring in a health profession (Nursing, Pre-Med, Neuroscience, Pre-pharmacy, etc.) It will foster the exploration and development of the professionalism that is at the center of a career in the health professions. Programming will include exploring the health profession culture in the surrounding Denver area by bringing in local professionals from the field, study sessions and faculty involvement.

Ignatian Leadership

The purpose of this LLC is to provide an environment that supports student growth and development, community standards, scholarship, civility, citizenship, service and leadership. This community focuses on the question at the heart of the University's mission: "How ought we to live?"