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Earn your Master of Science in Nursing degree online, or on campus. Take one or two courses at a time allowing you to continue to work while you advance your education. For nurses interested in leadership in education both in the clinic and/or academic setting.
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M.S. Nursing: Leadership in Health Care Systems: Education Focus

Master’s Degree in Nursing Overview

If you’re already a RN with a bachelor's degree, Regis University offers an innovative online and on campus program designed specifically for working professionals looking to enrich their experience and education with a focus in either education or management.

Within the nursing master’s program curriculum, you’ll complete courses in focus content areas. The Education focus includes courses in advanced health assessment, physiology, pathophysiology, and pharmacology for the nursing educator. The education track also focuses on evidence based practice research, teaching and learning strategies in healthcare, curriculum development in academic and practice settings, and hands on practicum and service learning experiences. You will complete two practicum experiences which total 210 hours designed to consolidate skills and apply theory to real-world scenarios working directly with a health care educator.

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Degree: Graduates are awarded the Master of Science, Nursing with a focus in education.

Certifications: Degree prepares students to sit for the National League of Nursing (NLN) Certified Nurse Educator exam (teaching experience required) and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) exam (formerly known as Staff Development Certification).

Online Option:  You can earn a Master of Science in Nursing online. Our flexible format allows you to log in anytime, day or night as you complete assignments. The majority of classes are offered in 8-week terms allowing you to progress and focus on one or two classes at a time. No campus visits are required for online students, but we encourage you to celebrate your graduation in person!

Campus Option: Classes meet one evening per week from 5:00PM – 9:00PM allowing you to progress toward your MS in Nursing while continuing to work.

Start Dates: Spring (January), Summer (May), Fall (August)

Application Deadline:  Our Nursing Master’s Programs have a rolling admission deadline; we accept applications up to the start date of the program. Course size is limited, so it is best to submit applications sooner than later.

Length of Program: The program is seven semesters of full-time study completed in 2.5 years.

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Program Requirements

Listed below are the required courses for completion of this degree at Regis University. Please note that recent course requirement updates may not be reflected in the list below and you should contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 303.458.4126 for recent changes and updates.

This degree program requires 42.00 credit hours for completion. Please contact your advisor or the Office of Enrollment Services at 303.458.4126.

MS Nursing: Leadership in Health Care Systems-Ed

HCE 604 - Ethics for Nurse Leaders

Examines ethical and moral reasoning relevant to professional nursing practice and health care delivery in today's society. Explores philosophical and faith-based foundations, including Catholic moral tradition, socio-cultural influences, professional codes, organizational and personal ethical norms. Ethical issues are examined with emphasis on advanced practice nursing, leadership roles and models of health care delivery. Introduces skills in analyzing ethical dilemmas and evaluating ethical practice using ethical theory, moral argument, and case studies. NOTE: This course was previously titled Ethics and Society.

Cross listing(s): NR 690E NR 604.

NR 600 - Theo Frameworks Leadership Adv Nursing

Examines the historical and philosophical context of knowledge development in nursing in order to provide a sense of professional heritage and identity for emerging nurse leaders. Theories from nursing, related sciences, and leadership are critiqued and evaluated for their usefulness and applicability to nursing roles in practice, research, education, and management. Examines leadership competency in relation to contemporary health care issues and the health care environment. Service learning and its relationship to the Regis mission of Ignation philosophy, social justice, and leadership in service to others is integrated to promote delivery of advanced nursing care to diverse populations. Note: Graduate standing or permission of Program Director required.

NR 602 - Adv Apps of Research for Evidenced-Based

Addresses best practices for evidence-based nursing practice. Quantitative and qualitative research designs and analytical procedures are compared. Methodologies for implementing evidence-based practice are examined and ethics associated with research are appraised.

Pre-requisite: TAKE NR*600 OR NR*622;

Cross listing(s): NR 690F.

NR 605 - Adv Physio/Patho Across Lifespan

Building on basic anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, this science-based course utilizes a comprehensive approach to address the underlying principles of disease processes across the lifespan. Etiology, epidemiology, and theories related to pathogenisis are examined. The focus is on the differentiation of physiological and pathophysiological findings and identification of treatment modalities for a variety of frequently presenting problems of clients in primary care across the lifespan. Note: Graduate standing or permission of Program Director required.

Pre-requisite: TAKE NR*600 OR NR*622;

NR 607F - Adv Pharmacology for Advanced Practice

Prepares advanced practice registered nursing (APRN) and MS in Nursing Leadership in Health Care Systems students for drug therapy management across the life span in a variety of primary care settings. Studies the mechanisms of action, indications for use, efficacy, adverse effects, monitoring parameters, dosing principles and drug interactions for common drug classes used in primary care. Identification and selection of appropriate drug management regimens for selected disease states will be addressed. Develops safe prescribing techniques using evidence-based pharmacotherapeutics and standards of practice. NOTE: Graduate standing or permission of Program Director required.

Pre-requisite: TAKE NR*600 OR NR*622;

NR 608 - Health Care Policy/ Issues in Practice

Focuses on health policy formation and evaluation. Learning activities will facilitate student?s opportunities to learn about change in the context of public policy and politics. Public health care policy will be examined with emphasis on its relationship and application to advanced practice nursing, leadership roles in management and education, and models of health care delivery. Topics include history, trends, and issues in health care systems; legal issues; legislation and regulation; funding, planning, delivery, and evaluation of health care services to individuals and populations; and accessibility, quality and outcome issues. Advocacy as part of service learning will be explored. NOTE: Graduate standing or permission of Program Director required.

Pre-requisite: TAKE NR*600 OR NR*622;

Cross listing(s): HCA 408 HSA 608.

NR 609 - Popltn Health & Interprof Collaboration

A didactic and clinical focus on the application of advanced nursing concepts related to the provision of culturally relevant health promotion and clinical prevention interventions in the student's area of clinical specialization. Using epidemiologic data, employs collaborative strategies in the design, coordination, and evaluation of population-based, patient-centered care. Builds upon previous course work in advocacy-focused service learning. Clinical hours(105) required. Note: Graduate standing or permission of Program Director required.

Pre-requisite: TAKE NR*600 OR NR*622 NR*602 AND NR*608;

NR 614 - Foundtns Financial Mgt for NR Leaders

Prepares students to apply essentials of financial management to nursing leadership roles in health care systems. An overview of health care economics, financial concepts, and budgeting in health care organizations is presented. The use of financial information and economic principles including cost/benefit analysis for strategic planning, decision-making, and the development of a business plan are addressed. Note: Graduate standing or permission of the Program Director required.

Pre-requisite: TAKE NR*600 OR NR*622;

Cross listing(s): HSA 604.

NR 620 - Health Care Org/Systems Leadership

Enables students to assume a leadership role in evaluating models of health care delivery and organizational systems. Health care organizations will be evaluated based upon organizational theory and research. Quality improvement principles with a focus on patient safety and regulatory requirements are explored in a variety of health care settings. Interpretation and analysis of health care performance data as it relates to improving organizational performance are examined. Principles of informatics and health care technologies are introduced as frameworks for the improvement of outcomes of care. Note: Graduate standing or permission of Program Director required.

Pre-requisite: TAKE NR*600 OR NR*622;

Cross listing(s): NR 690G.

NR 623F - Leadership in Health Care Syst Pract: Ed

Capstone course. Focuses on the integration and application of major concepts covered throughout the graduate nursing program in preparing students for leadership roles in education environments. Student are guided in preparing for the end of program comprehensive evaluation which is based on Regis University and LHSON program outcomes, NLN Nurse Educator competencies and ANCC Professional Development certification guidelines. Using a combination of seminar and precepted clinical experience, students synthesize and apply previously learned leadership and education principles to a specific education setting and discuss theory practice disjunctions. One hundred five (105) precepted clinical/field hours are required. NOTE: Completion of all Leadership in Health Care Systems emphasis or permission of Program Director required.

NR 630 - Adv Health Assessment Patient & Family

Provides a framework for systematic data collection, organization, precise recording, accurate physical and psychosocial assessment, and communication of data reflecting the health status of the patient and family. A holistic perspective facilitates an analysis of cultural, occupational, and environmental factors integral to an understanding of both the patient and family?s physical and psychosocial wellbeing. Provides the student an opportunity to develop advanced skills necessary to evaluate deviation from the normal assessment. Includes practice advanced physical assessment skills in simulated clinical settings. NOTE: Graduate standing or permission of Program Director required.

Pre-requisite: TAKE NR*600 OR NR*622;

NR 646 - Tchng/Lrng Strategies in Health Care

Integrates teaching and learning theories for educating individuals and populations in clinical and academic settings. Teaching strategies are grounded in educational theory, assessment of learner needs, and evidence-based teaching practices. This theoretical approach guides the selection and implementation of instructional methods and learning strategies. Explores innovative practices in health care and nursing educational environments. NOTE: Graduate standing or permission of Program Director required.

Pre-requisite: TAKE NR*600 OR NR*622;

NR 647 - Curriculum Development

Designed to promote the formulation of program outcomes and curriculum development in various contemporary academic and practice settings. Focuses on elements of curriculum development and educational activities in healthcare education including: evidence-based assessment, program content analysis, curriculum design and implementation, continuing professional education, and evaluation strategies. Guiding conceptual frameworks and underlying philosophical, socioeconomic, political, and contemporary health care trends that impact curriculum development and changes are analyzed. NOTE: Graduate standing or permission of Program Director required.

Pre-requisite: TAKE NR*600 OR NR*622 AND NR*646;

NR 648 - Evaluation Methods in Health Care Ed

Addresses formulating program outcomes and evaluating curricula that reflect contemporary trends in the healthcare classroom. Uses a variety of strategies to assess and evaluate all domains of learning and outcomes in classroom, laboratory, and clinical settings. The process of program evaluation includes the assessment of educational outcomes for individuals and populations. Students will analyze and apply frameworks and models to assess and evaluate outcomes for continuous quality improvement. NOTE: Graduate standing or permission of Program Director required.

Pre-requisite: TAKE NR*600 OR NR*622 AND NR*646 AND NR*647;

NR 699 - Comprehensive Eval/Master of Science

A comprehensive evaluation of the student's achievement of Regis University and LHSON MS Program outcomes. Students provide a presentation reflecting on the Regis University and LHSON MS Program Outcomes with provision of evidence of this achievement. NOTE: All MS coursework must be completed or student must be in NR 623 to register for this course. Pass/No Pass grading only.



The course descriptions for the above mentioned class could not be found. Please contact Academic Records & Registration at 303-458-4126 with questions. Some additional course information is available and shown here.

Statistics Prerequisite--Required prior to NR 602
(Regis courses that fulfill requirement include
MT 270 OR MT 274)


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Fall 2013-Summer 2014

Tuition (per semester hour) $610
Other Fees
Application Fee $75
Background Check and Drug Screen (external agency fee) $95
Graduation Application Fee $50

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