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If you have a Master of Science in Nursing degree and want to become a health care educator without earning a second master's degree, our online and on campus Graduate Academic Certificate in Health Care Education is the solution for you.
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Graduate Certificate: Health Care Education

Degree Overview

Loretto Heights School of Nursing’s online and on campus graduate certificate options are designed for nurses who have a Master of Science in Nursing and want to expand upon their knowledge and skills without earning a second master's degree.

The Graduate Academic Certificate in Health Care Education will provide you the knowledge and skills you need for teaching in educational and health care settings. Students will receive a graduate academic certificate after just 12 semester hours of study. This program is available online, or on campus.

Don't you owe it to yourself to expand upon your proven skills? Let Regis University take you the rest of the way to a rewarding future!

Program Requirements

Listed below are the required courses for completion of this degree at Regis University. Please note that recent course requirement updates may not be reflected in the list below and you should contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 303.458.4126 for recent changes and updates.

This degree program requires 12.00 credit hours for completion. Please contact your advisor or the Office of Enrollment Services at 303.458.4126.

MS Nursing: Certificate in Health Care Education

NR 646 - Tchng/Lrng Strategies in Health Care

Integrates teaching and learning theories for educating individuals and populations in clinical and academic settings. Teaching strategies are grounded in educational theory, assessment of learner needs, and evidence-based teaching practices. This theoretical approach guides the selection and implementation of instructional methods and learning strategies. Explores innovative practices in health care and nursing educational environments. NOTE: Graduate standing or permission of Program Director required.

Pre-requisite: TAKE NR*600 OR NR*622;

NR 647 - Curriculum Development

Designed to promote the formulation of program outcomes and curriculum development in various contemporary academic and practice settings. Focuses on elements of curriculum development and educational activities in healthcare education including: evidence-based assessment, program content analysis, curriculum design and implementation, continuing professional education, and evaluation strategies. Guiding conceptual frameworks and underlying philosophical, socioeconomic, political, and contemporary health care trends that impact curriculum development and changes are analyzed. NOTE: Graduate standing or permission of Program Director required.

Pre-requisite: TAKE NR*600 OR NR*622 AND NR*646;

NR 648 - Evaluation Methods in Health Care Ed

Addresses formulating program outcomes and evaluating curricula that reflect contemporary trends in the healthcare classroom. Uses a variety of strategies to assess and evaluate all domains of learning and outcomes in classroom, laboratory, and clinical settings. The process of program evaluation includes the assessment of educational outcomes for individuals and populations. Students will analyze and apply frameworks and models to assess and evaluate outcomes for continuous quality improvement. NOTE: Graduate standing or permission of Program Director required.

Pre-requisite: TAKE NR*600 OR NR*622 AND NR*646 AND NR*647;

NR 658/ NR 623F

The course descriptions for the above mentioned class could not be found. Please contact Academic Records & Registration at 303-458-4126 with questions. Some additional course information is available and shown here.

NR 658-Graduate Certificate: Health Care Education Practicum
NR 623F-Leadership in Health Care Systems Practicum:
Education Focus (MS in Nursing Focus Students Only)


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The Loretto Heights School of Nursing is accredited by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing - Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (AACN-CCNE). The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and Master of Science (MS) programs are accredited through 2019. Additionally, effective October 2012, the DNP program is now fully accredited by AACN-CCNE.

If you would like more information on AACN-CCNE please go to: www.aacn.nche.edu/accreditation.

Fall 2013-Summer 2014

Tuition (per semester hour) $610
Other Fees
Application Fee $75
Background Check and Drug Screen (external agency fee) $95
Graduation Application Fee $50

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