Mother and daughter posing for the camera

Regis’ physical therapy program is a family affair

Mother-daughter duo Bev and Andrea Brodie are both students in Regis’ physical therapy program. Bev, RHCHP ’13, will finish the online Transition Doctor of Physical Therapy* this spring, while Andrea, RHCHP ’14, is in her second year of the traditional Doctor of Physical Therapy program on campus.

“She [Bev] was jealous that I was going to be a doctor and she wasn’t,” says Andrea jokingly. “Now she gets to put ‘doctor’ next to her name, too.”

Bev, 53, began practicing physical therapy in 1981 and has since worked in clinical, hospital, private practice and school settings. She currently works with two school districts in Colorado Springs.

Andrea, 24, was a competitive volleyball player through college and relied on physical therapists to get her through a number of injuries. When she was done playing sports, she wanted to be able to help others the way therapists had helped her.

While their classes do not necessarily overlap, Bev and Andrea rely on each other for help with various aspects of their respective programs. Andrea calls her mom for clinical or “practical” setting questions and Bev asks her daughter for help with some of the technology pieces required for the online program.

“It is important for us to show our children that we are willing to be lifelong learners,” says Bev. “Our kids have always worked hard. There is nothing wrong with me working hard too. You can’t ask your kids to do something you’re not willing to do yourself.”

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*The online Transition Doctor of Physical Therapy began in 2002 and accepted its last entering class in January of 2012. The goal of the program was to advance practicing clinical therapists to the doctoral level.