Four facts about Regis University’s history in Colorado Springs

Regis University is celebrating 35 years of serving adult learners in Colorado Springs, including the area’s large military and veteran population. Here are four facts you may not know about Regis’ southernmost campus.

  • April 1887 – Before deciding to put down roots in northwest Denver, Regis’ Jesuit founders seriously consider Colorado Springs and even announce that the school will be moving there. But when the Rev. Joseph Machebeuf, bishop of Denver, learns of the plans, he insists the institution make its way to the Mile High City permanently to uphold a previous agreement.
  • 1978 – As Regis moves forward with new initiatives focused on adult learning, the Regis Career Education Program, better known as RECEP I, is established in Colorado Springs. The program eventually expands to Denver and evolves into the School for Professional Studies, now known as the College for Professional Studies.
  • 1997 – Regis consolidates two Colorado Springs campuses into one, located at Interstate 25 and Woodmen Rd. (7450 Campus Drive).
  • October 2013 – The Colorado Springs Campus opens the Military and Veterans Resource Center. The center provides a place for veterans to gather for fellowship and camaraderie, a central location for military and veterans services on campus, and training for staff and faculty on veteran-related topics.