• New Jesuit

    New Jesuit

    Welcoming Father Dirk Dunfee to the Regis family Read more
  • Back to the Future

    Back to the Future

    Five Tips for Adults Returning to School Read more
  • Student writing code on whiteboard
    Why CCIS?

    Why CCIS?

    5 Reasons to Study in the College of Computer & Information Sciences Read more
  • Why Regis?

    Why Regis?

    Matt says tight-knit community has enhanced his DPT experience Read more
  • In Service of Others

    In Service of Others

    Regis community rallies to help end homelessness, restore hope Read more
  • Strategic Plan Update

    Strategic Plan Update

    Keeping our community informed. For the latest update, please visit our strategic plan page Read more
  • Meet the Mascot

    Meet the Mascot

    Are you ready to #RangerUp? Get to know Roamin’ in a candid Q&A Read more


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