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Regis University’s Master of Education with an emphasis in Space Studies is designed for teachers who wish to educate in the area of space science at the K-12 levels.
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M.Ed. Space Studies (Non-Licensure)

Degree Overview

Ideal for those who already possess a teaching license and for professionals seeking additional credentials, our exciting M.Ed. with an emphasis in Space Studies is a collaborative effort between Regis University and the Space Foundation. Five core courses (15 credit hours) and two research courses (6 credit hours) are completed through Regis University. Regis course work focuses on human development and learning, curriculum design and implementation, mentoring and support, assessment and research. Five one-week intensive classes (15 credit hours) must be taken in residency at the Space Foundation. The space studies course work includes space history, earth system science, rocketry and the biology of living in space, biological and physical research, astronomy and space technologies.

Designed by practicing professionals, the M.Ed. with an emphasis in Space Studies can be completed in as little as two years and the courses taken through Regis are available online. Current teachers not wishing to complete an entire Master of Education degree can take up to 9 credit hours as a non-degree seeking student. 

Licensed educators and paraprofessionals are eligible to receive a 10% preferred tuition discount for all Teacher Education courses at CPS. Contact an admissions counselor at 800.944.7667 for details.

Total Degree Requirements: 36 credit hours

  • Foundational course requirements: 15 credit hours
  • Space studies course work: 15 credit hours (five one-week intensive classes in residency at the Space Studies Foundation)
  • Research course requirements: 6 credit hours

Program Requirements

Listed below are the required courses for completion of this degree at Regis University. Please note that recent course requirement updates may not be reflected in the list below and you should contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 303.458.4126 for recent changes and updates.

This degree program requires 36.00 credit hours for completion. Please contact your advisor or the Office of Enrollment Services at 303.458.4126.

M.ED. Space Studies

EDLS 670 - Introduction to Educational Leadership

Using current literature and case studies, candidates will study a variety of styles and strategies of leadership. A basis for study in this course involves the process of school improvement and staff development.

EDLS 671 - Instructional Strategies

Emphasizes instructional strategies focusing on how to teach, coach, and improve such techniques. Strong emphasis placed on strategies that have proven highly effective in this research. Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing.

EDLS 684 - Curriculum Design & Implementation

Provides a framework for defining and establishing a rationale for a curriculum, understanding the purposes which direct curriculum designing and implementation, and processes used to design and implement curriculum.

Pre-requisite: TAKE EDLS*670 EDLS*671 AND EDLS*672;

EDLS 685 - Peer Mentoring and Support

Provides strategies to support the building leader in promoting professional growth and group dynamics while enhancing the performance of licensed and classified staff in an educational setting.

Pre-requisite: TAKE EDLS*670 EDLS*671 EDLS*672;

EDLS 687 - Managing Assessment Data

Provides an in-depth study of assessment and evaluation to include assessment purposes and guiding principles, achievement targets, assessment methods, characteristics of effective assessment, evaluation, feedback, and legal issues.

Pre-requisite: TAKE EDLS*670 EDLS*671 EDLS*672;

EDRS 642 - Research Proposal Development

Provides an opportunity to examine the purposes of research, the methods and designs of quantitative and/or qualitative research, and the processes involved in research studies. Emphasizes the development of skills in evaluating published research and formulating research problems. Culminates in the preparation of a research proposal.

Cross listing(s): EDFD 642.

EDRS 643 - Research Project

Provides the opportunity to execute the research proposal prepared in EDRS 642. Emphasizes quality research at the graduate level. Includes projects that are field based and have a practical component. Evaluates work based upon the University outcomes and graduate level requirements.

Cross listing(s): EDFD 643.


The course descriptions for the above mentioned class could not be found. Please contact Academic Records & Registration at 303-458-4126 with questions. Some additional course information is available and shown here.

Select fifteen (15) semester hours from the following:
EDLS 649E-W, EDLS 650E-W, EDLS 651E-W, EDLS 652E-W,
EDLS 653E-W, EDLS 654E-W, EDLS 655E-W, EDSL 656E-W,
EDLS 657E-W, EDLS 658E-W, EDLS 659E-W, EDLS 661E-W

Course Descriptions

Listed below are the available courses offered at Regis University within this respective degree program. The courses below include the degree program requirements as well as subject related courses. Please contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 303.458.4126 for recent changes and updates. No course descriptions found. No course descriptions found.

How to Apply

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Apply Now

NOTE: Regis University’s Master of Education program is nationally accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC). The states of Arkansas and Kentucky do not recognize this accreditation. Please call your state council on higher education to get more details.


Applicants seeking a master's degree from the College for Professional Studies must possess a baccalaureate degree from a U.S. regionally accredited college or university.
  • Application: Completed graduate application form
  • Application fee: $75.00 non-refundable application fee (waived for Regis University graduates)
  • Submit official degree-bearing transcript a U.S. regionally accredited institution
  • Minimum overall GPA of 2.75 on degree-bearing transcript with option of supplying additional coursework transcripts
  • Critical analysis essay
  • Current resume (optional)
  • One recommendation from your principal, a colleague or supervisor who knows your work in a professional setting
  • Copy of current teaching license
  • Criminal background check: Applicants must have a $45 background check in order to complete their online application. View and print the instructions, consent for background check and disqualifying offenses documents to get started.
  • Additional admission requirements apply to international students who are non-U.S. citizens
  • Please remember: Applications that are incomplete and/or missing information will NOT be processed

Application Deadlines*

Term Class Starts Application Deadline
Summer 2014 May 5, 2014 April 7, 2014
Fall 2014 August 25, 2014 July 28, 2014

*Your application file including all requirements, documents and fees, must be completed by the application deadline.


Regis University Tuition: M.Ed. Space Studies (Non-Licensure)

Course Format Estimated Total Program Cost Credit Hours Required Cost per Credit Hour Estimated Fees for Program
Classroom $17,175 36 $475 $75
Online $17,175 36 $475 $75

Directed study costs $475 per credit hour

Please note: Additional fees may apply to Regis University students. Please contact an admissions counselor at 800.944.7667 for information.