New Developments for the Thornton Campus

October 23, 2014

Dear Colleagues,

I am excited to share news of a recent, but thoughtful, development regarding our Thornton campus.

As you may know, our counseling programs are flourishing as student demand for courses and additional certificates grows and as societal needs for mental and behavioral health increase. To better meet that demand, we have decided to relocate our counseling programs from Broomfield to the Thornton campus.

This is an exciting opportunity for Regis to maximize the use of its space to accommodate expanding programs and new students. The Thornton campus includes 28,371 square feet of classroom and office space. This gives us plenty of room for our innovative Play Therapy Center and an opportunity to significantly expand our labs. Our hope is that this move will also rejuvenate the campus, creating a vibrant and welcoming environment.

With these changes, Regis is better equipped to expand its academic offerings as well. We are pleased to be adding a certificate in addictions counseling and also hope to develop a doctoral program in marriage and family therapy.

Other benefits of moving the counseling programs to Thornton include the closer proximity to our Lowell campus and the Cultivate Health project, which will provide opportunities for integrated care and counseling services to our communities. We also feel that this move better aligns with our Jesuit mission, as the shift from a business/technology center to a residential community will help us make counseling services more accessible to local families.

Construction on the Thornton campus begins in late spring and our goal is to have the counseling programs fully relocated before the fall term. We aim to minimize the impact on faculty, staff and students by carefully timing the construction. The Broomfield campus, where the program currently resides, will close when its lease expires in December 2015.

Thank you for your support in our continuing effort to meet the needs of students and our world.

Patricia A. Ladewig, Ph.D.